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Riley & Co Fitbit Challenge

Date posted: July 6, 2016

June was the first month of the Riley & Co Fitbit challenge, all staff have been provided with a Fitbit of their choice to try and encourage healthy living whilst at the same time undertaking some fun challenges.

In case you hadn’t already guessed, we are quite a competitive bunch!

The challenge for June was very straightforward, who would do the most steps in the month with the booby prize couch potato medal for the person doing the least number of steps.

And the winners were….

 Fitbit Challenge June 2016

Vicky did the most with 482,588 steps and Eddie the least with 96,736 steps.

Our challenges for July include prizes for the most number of steps in a single day and the biggest improver (come on Eddie this one is yours!!)

As a team we were aiming to get to Rio for the Olympic Games but at the rate we are going we will be lucky to see the closing ceremony.

We will be entering a Riley & Co team in the Overgate Hospice 13 mile Midnight Walk on 10 September, if anybody would like to join us then you are very welcome, register here