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Payroll Year End and P11D Benefits in Kind

Date posted: April 24, 2018

Now that Spring has sprung, we at Riley & Co are turning our attention to the ‘end of the tax year’ duties.

The most important of these duties is the declaration of P11D and P9D forms to declare benefits in kind.

Benefits in Kind – the basics

The important question to ask yourself is “Do we, the employer, pay for anything which the employee enjoys for personal use?”

If the answer is yes then you probably need to complete a benefit in kind declaration and tell HMRC, and your employee, so that any tax and national insurance due can be collected.

The most common benefits in kind include:

  • Company car and/or payment of private fuel costs
  • Private Health Cover
  • Overdrawn Directors Loan account or low interest loans to employees
  • Personal Tax Bill or Accountancy costs paid for on behalf of the employer

This of course is not an exhaustive list. There are far more examples in the HMRC A-Z list of expenses and benefits here; anything which is already dealt with through a payroll scheme like a bonus, is not relevant for this exercise.

We, at Riley & Co are contacting our clients in the next few weeks to discuss benefits in kind. We provide this as a service to all clients on an annual basis. If you feel like we can help you and your company please call us on 01422 341019 or email us at