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Corporate Social Responsibility

We take a coordinated and committed approach to our social responsibilities.

We’ve developed a corporate social responsibility programme. We review it annually to ensure that we’re measuring up to our commitment to environmental responsibility and the community, and to our ethical policy.


Our work in the community

Involvement in the local community is fundamental to the ethos of Riley & Co. As Calderdale­ focused accountants, we’re committed to supporting businesses in the local area.

We understand that local businesses and communities are closely linked and that we can have a significant impact on the community as a whole.

We do a number of things to contribute to these communities – both through direct financial support, and through the support of our employees, who take part in activities organised by the firm and as individuals. Our directors and staff serve as committee members, trustees and governors of local business groups, charities and schools. We provide work placements for local students and support for educational establishments.

We’ve taken part in a number of fundraising activities. Every year contribute to local charities instead of sending out a Christmas card. We have also delivered free seminars for charity trustees.

Our objective is to encourage all of our directors and employees to play a significant part in the development of local communities.


Our environmental policy

We believe it’s essential that to operate in an environmentally conscious way, as a firm and as individuals. We strive to minimise the impact of our business activity on the environment. We ensure that our suppliers do likewise, and we persuade our clients to consider environmental matters wherever possible.

A review has concluded that the most significant area of impact we have on the environment is in the use of natural resources. Our significant natural resource usage includes power, water, travel, and consumables such as paper and  IT  equipment.

We are committed to:

  • using the most environmentally friendly mode of transport consistent with business needs
  • reducing letters and correspondence, where electronic communications can be used
  • further reducing our printed marketing materialsconsidering environmental criteria when choosing services and goods
  • reducing our overall impact on the environment.

Our ethical policy

As Chartered Accountants, we’re required to maintain the highest level of professional integrity in all our dealings with others. We set high standards which comply with legal regulations when it comes to client confidentiality, our objectivity and our independence.

We do not tolerate discrimination, bullying or any other kind of harassment. The concept of ‘mutual respect’ is one of our guiding principles. Employees are expected to abide by company rules and to be honest and considerate.

Internal procedures have been established to report grievances or suspected inappropriate behaviour to other individuals or organisations. The company has a robust disciplinary procedure and will take a serious view of any allegations of this kind.


The future

We will review this document annually and consult partners and employees to evaluate, update and improve our policies. As part of this process, we will monitor our progress against our objectives to ensure compliance. We will continue to set new objectives for the future.

For more information on our corporate and social responsibility, email